Sunday, March 18, 2018

50 Shades: Electro Stim

Pleasure and pain. It has become a very fine line for me so when combining the two, the orgasms are phenomenal. But what most excites me is the amount of trust that a sub gives to her dom by allowing the introduction of electric stimulation into the bedroom.

Sitting naked and apprehensive on the bed I watched him unravel the exension cord he removed from the red bag. Placing a black plastic case on the bed he removed the wand and the attachments and assembed the unit to his pleasurable specifications. I layed myself out for him and he began by kissing me. My body trembled. With excitement. With fear. He placed the blindfold over my head and everythng went dark. Almost immediately I became disoriented. Losing track of where he was in the room I could hear him prepare. And then the crackle.

The first touch of the current through my body felt similar to that of a nine volt battery on your tongue. A humming tingle, sharp and contiuous; more of a nuisassance than pain or pleasure. It was on low and making contact with my upper arm. As the current was increased the sensation became more piercing. On the nipple it sent my entire chest up to my neck into a spasm. On my clit I was rendered helpless, writhig with the most pleasurable pain. If only there was another way to descibe  it.

He would kiss every part of my body and work in shocks between the kisses. Sometimes he would pause. Sometimes he woud not. I never knew what sensation was going to touch me where. At times when it hurt really bad I allowed myself to be aroused my the accomplishment to breathe through the pain.  But the real reward came when he whispered, "Good Girl". It truly pleases me to see him pleased.

While there is so much sensation involved with this type of play, once again for me I am so turned on by having someone who expects nothing of me than to be me. No promises or committments, no expectations than to respect and have a good time....and that is enough for him from me. I can trust him when I am most vulneable. There is nothing sexier than that!

xo Belle

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Unknown said...

I am Dom, but I use my toys on myself a bit, to see what the sensation is like and it enables me to be a better judge of how much pain I am giving. I had a chance to try some electro shock. The low setting is actually quite nice.High, not so much. I have written stories of some of my experiences, both vanilla (building up the excitement with playful banter, then meeting for lots of teasing massage , edging , teaching her about her orgasms etc. And d/s related where a blindfold is my favorite toy. I have a vast imagination and, as you said, the blindfold allows the dom to " surprise" her with pain and pleasure in erratic time. Given your zest for adventure and erotica, I think you would enjoy some of the stories I've written about my adventures as well as some fiction. I'd love to send you some , if you are interested.