Sunday, April 08, 2007

I am looking for a "date!"

Here is something new. It sounds a little off the wall but I am going to propose the idea anyways. Before I go into details I want to explain that this is not a “just for fun” post. It is something I have spent a long time thinking about and I am serious about it. You all hobby for a reason. There is something you are looking for, something you want to get out of the experience. I am no different. I have been so lucky to experience things I never thought were possible. I sat down a few weeks ago and asked myself what a perfect evening would be like for me.

If I were to book someone for four hours, what would make that four hours perfect for me? Then, after making up my “perfect date” list I asked myself how I could make this come to be. Something I am sure you have all done yourselves. Your answer is likely to call a lady or an agency, discuss your desires and play it out. So, I am going to do something similar, but you are going to do my homework for me. Here goes:

I want a perfect date. Someone like me, who shares the same desires. Let me make this point clear. Not someone who wants to give me what I desire, but someone who has the same desire. I want this person to be about passion and intimacy but be grounded enough to know it has nothing to do with emotion. This experience is to be about two sensual lovers, deeply connected for the evening. An evening like you would plan the night you intend to propose….without the proposal of course! Bring a ring and I will kill you!

I am looking for someone who feels they are exactly what I am looking for, someone that thinks they can give me my fantasy. It must be with someone who can completely let themselves go, give up their entire being to me as I will to him. This is strictly to be a mutually consenting evening, no money will be exchanged between us. It will be a one time thing and will not go any further than being a great memory for both of us. I will spend a lot of time deciding just who I think would best suit me for this “date” and it will likely take place in July, plenty of time for the both of us to make our schedules meet. If you think you might be interested, you must reply to this post! Be creative, be honest and have fun with it! Here are the rules: (and I reserve the right to add to this list at any time….because I am a woman and that’s just how we are!)

1) You must have submitted a reply to this post to be considered. I want to know as much about you (as you are willing to share) and what you would be expecting out of this evening together. Those details can of course be sent to me in an email, but to be fair you have to make your interest known in this thread.

2) I will provide the room and the beverages.

3) All things considered, this will still be a business arrangement (aside from the fact that there will be no monies involved). Therefore, all rules apply. Respect, hygiene, boundaries, intoxication etc.

4) No skill testing question to be answered, but a testing of skills may be requested! (Just kidding!)

5) Please don’t respond if you are just out to get a few free hours with a woman. This isn’t about you…it really is all about me this time! I’m a Leo, and I can be quite demanding, so be sure you are up to the challenge. This is not about sex. It is more about creating an illusion of something that will never be. Being part of something that isn’t, but feels as though it is. I want this to be intense, passionate and erotic. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then please do not respond.

6) As for specifics for the “date”, I’m not going to provide any. Because if you are the perfect “date” for me you will know what to do to make this the most memorable evening for me, for us.

7) You must be willing to allow me to write about our evening together (completely anonymously of course) either in my blog or in my book. I am hoping to achieve something very personal by doing this and hoping even more so that it will be so amazing that I want to share it with others.

8) I will announce my decision on May 31st. That gives both of us plenty of time to plan for the “date”.

9) I require an email address for any of you that may be interested. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them, I can guarantee that I will have many for you!

10) If you know me, if you have taken the time to not only read my blogs but to read in between the lines of what I write, then you will have no problem understanding what I am looking for. I hope to make this fun, for all of us! Let me see those resumes!

xoxo Belle